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  • Welcome to European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival

    3rd July 2018

    BERLIN, Germany

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    Natacha Marro (UK)

    Philip Colbert (UK)

    Torture Garden Latex (UK)

    Erol Abayrak (TR)

    KETU Fashion (D)

    Mei-Hui Liu (UK)


    Stella Angel

    Paolo Caranza

    Anne-Sophie Cochevelou (F)

    EU SFF - Sustainable Fashion Festival


    European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival - 3 July 2018

    Berlin - Germany

    EU SFF is not about fashion shows but about maintaining the quality of life 

    and the transfusion of comon responsibility in the context of sustainability for us now and future generations.

    The EU SFF Haute-Couture fashion shows are the best means of communication to awaken deep emotions. 

    Emotions that awaken responsibility in all of us to create a more sustainable world together.

    EU SFF presents to the spectators sustainable and contempory Haute-Coutre Collections, 

    as well as exhibitions of sustainably engaged sponsors and partner companies.

    Communication by Fashion

    EU SFF transfuse sustainability.

    European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival allows viewers to immerse themselves in an enchanted world of futuristic, sparkling, flamed, upcycling, recycling.

    Communication by Music

    The message of sustainability is excellently conveyed to the general public by means of music.

    Music awakens inner well-being, reason having music show acts at the EU SFF Events with world famous participants and visitors

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    Quality of Life ...Your Life - Our Lives

    EUROPEAN UNION SUSTAINABLE FASHION FESTIVAL Quality of Life - Joy of Life - Sustainable Future

    We create the generation of Sustainability, Joy of Life and Beauty

    We integrate sustainable fairness, quality of life, joie de vivre, beauty and cutting edge high quality design.

    We build our Future together

    We focus on emotional values. EU SFF is not a mainstream event, but a special sustainable festival in that we enjoy sustainable life and quality of life; convey modern, funky, future-oriented with the sustainability of high quality designers and our partners.

    We are challengers without challenge, but supportive and enlightening. 

    EU SFF makes the Changes

    Sustainable - Conscious - Fair

    Designers - Exhibition - Advertising


    Contemporary Designers and Sustainable Designers together for a Sustainable Planet

    Companies Exhibition

    Companies presenting their commitment about sustainability to a broad public at EU SFF

    Active Advertising

    Future depends of visions. Active advertising through the platform of EU SFF gives partners the opportunity to reach important network of EU SFF


    Mei-Hui Liu

    Mei-Hui Liu

    Mei-Hui Liu, EU SFF Creative Director

    Jury Member – Curator – Sustainable Movement – Ethical Fashion Designer

    Mei- Hui joined European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival Board as Creative Director, bringing her highly reputable expertise into EU SFF.

    She is one of the fashion industry’s recognized up-cycling pioneers, with an impressive career as Ethical Fashion Designer spanning 20 years nurturing her ethical fashion brand Victim Fashion Street – collections presented during the very prestigious London Fashion Week. Her brand was one of the first featured at Estethica as well as at international known Ethical & Eco fashion event . 

    As Jury Member for Sustainable Fashion Designs Competitions her creative knowledge in sustainability is demanded by the most trendy and high ranking competitions, including at the EcoChic Design Award in Asia. 


    As Curator of European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival is she one of the key persons to arise more awareness about sustainability in the fashion industry and sustainability in general.

    Rabih-Rabea Hijazi

    Rabea Hijazi, EU SFF  Marketing Director.

    Marketing and Event Organization are his world. Expert in communication, presentations and event organization makes him a special value to the company. 

    His skills make any advertising partner shining for a broad customer audience, and communicating the message about sustainability authentic.

    He is Founder & Executive Director of Fashion Week Berlin. At his most stunning Fashion Shows in Berlin famous and internally renowed designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada,  12th marchioness of Castelldosríus, Grandee of Spain and the 29th baroness of Santa Pau, and other designers from the United  Kingdom, Austria and Germany. 

    Further is Rabih-Rabea Hijazi Co-Founder of European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival, a unique communication for a more sustainable and social environment and nature.

    Welcome to EU SFF

    Chili Palmers

    Chili Palmers, EU SFF Initiator and Co-Founder, is one of the most  creative Music, Fashion & Humanitarian Executives specialized in structuring, coaching and marketing.

    Formerly occupied the position as  Crisis Manager, and as Instructor of Executives in Finance and Industries Sectors among others  also at Wolfsberg (Wolfsberg Group consists of the following leading  international financial institutions: Banco Santander, Bank of America,.  Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse,  Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Société Générale,  Standard Chartered and UBS) and at Institut für Forschungsinformationen  (Institute for Information Research).
    Formerly Consultant for Projects of US Secretary of State (USAID), UNDP, UNESCO and United Nations Organization.

    Chili Palmers is awarded with the United Nations Organization UNV Award.

    His Motto:
    Success Is Never Granted.
    Failure Never Fatal.
    It is Courage That Counts 



    European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival is delighted to present our EU SFF Celebrity Supporters

    Eric Anthony Roberts, famous brother of stunning iconic Julia Roberts, himself nominated multiple Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, with a brilliant career spanning over forty years, Roberts has amassed more than 400 credits, including Raggedy Man, The Pope of Greenwich Village, The Specialist, Cecil B. Demented  National Security, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, The Dark Knight, The Expendables  and Inherent Vice.

    Bobby Emprechtinger

    From Hollywood, absolutely expressive actor and innovative producer, known for Amityville Terror, Spin, the Changing Life Story and EuroClub, supports actively the EU SFF Sustainable Spirit.

    Vincent De Paul 

    Emmy Awarded Vincent De Paul, Hollywood actor in several movies, including Poseidon, Hitch , and Hairspray. Costarred with Eric Roberts, Will Smith and other extraordinary Hollywood Actors.

    He is the president and co-founder of FIVE ARTS PRODUCTIONS. The other producers with his company are Chris G. Maier, Marco Marezza, Aaron Lee actor and prolific producer/director J.C. Barros. Another producing partner is Kirsten Lea, a current member of the Producers Guild of America,

    De Paul is also a member of Producers Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He is also a supporter of the Special Olympics.

    The Weather Girls from USA with the international hit "It's Raining Men", and  their album Success, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Weather Girls, Think Big, Puttin’ On The Hits, Totally Wild


    Lucenzo, a French-Portuguese singer and record producer.   He is best known for his dance hit with rapper Big Ali,   "Vem dançar Kuduro". Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Don Omar released a Spanish/Portuguese version of the song under the title 


    Lumidee is a Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and rapper. She   quickly rose to fame with the release of her song "Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)",  which reached the top ten in over ten countries and number one in several   European countries.

    She counts associated acts with Snoop Dog, Chinx,   Pitbull, Shaggy, etc..

    Other celebrities as Soul Bros, DJ Bizi Brown and   various supports are committed at the EU SFF Events for a more sustainable   nature.

    European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival honors the   social engagements of these celebrities and all other participants and   supporter of a sustainable future.





    Become Advertising Partner

    Exceptional Advertising

    EU SFF offers its advertising partners an exceptional media platform to make itself known to a broad public and to position the advertising brands.

    EU SFF is a national and international sustainability fashion festival and also includes both the national and international press and presents itself and the nominated sustainable designers.

    With today's means, there are almost no limits to advertising technology, and the topic of "sustainability" is of utmost importance to any company today; this also to be credible with the current and future customers.

    Generate excitement

    For many companies, there is still a very large deficit in the publication of their sustainability, which is technically not optimal.

    With us, the companies are able to present themselves professionally and authentically, integrate the topic of sustainability into their advertising campaigns and publish them optimally throughout the year through cooperation with EU SFF, or be mentioned in all EU SFF PR campaigns.


    EU SFF awakens emotions, sensations and shows the right way for a common future with lasting quality of life and joy of life 

    Close the deal

    Spontaneous advertising decisions are today's keys to success.

    The advertising partners can prepare and implement their spontaneous advertising strategies with the involvement of EU SFF at short notice and flexibly.

    This will optimally realize the advertising investments of our partners.

    For today, a company has to bring its products to the target groups quickly and efficiently.
    Traditional advertising planning is not effective enough in today's fast paced world to get to customers.

    The theme of the European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival and to better integrate sustainability are of enormous importance to any company today.

    EU SFF offers the opportunity to constructively and positively integrate product visibility into the EU SFF events.

    EU SFF Sponsors & Partners

    Main Title Advertiser

    GCOX Singapore, Main Sponsor of

    European  Union Sustainable Fashion Festival , official Fashion Week Berlin, powered by GCOX !

    EU SFF Sponsors

    We are delighted to present the exclusive partners supporting the spirit of sustainability of the European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival, official Fashion Week Berlin, powered by GCOX !

    Media Partner

    Our Media Partners become a deep insight into sustainability, the latest updates about the sustainable designers, the celebrities involved into sustainability and the transparency of sustainable companies.

    EU SFF Ambassadors

    Being Ambassadress or Ambassador is a key role to communicate the importance of sustainability for our planet. The best transfusion of sustainability is by FASHION & MUSIC, both awaking emotions


    Files coming soon.



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