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EU SFF - Sustainable Future Festival



EU SFF the leading sustainbility circle organizing  social and humanitarian event maintaining the quality of life 

and the transfusion of common responsibility in the context of sustainability for us now and future generations.

The EU SFF Leading Circle is the best mean of communication to awaken deep emotions. 

Emotions that awaken responsibility in all of us to create a more sustainable world together.

EU SFF presents to the spectators Sustainable Future Technologies combined with Contemporary Couture Collections, 

as well as exhibitions of sustainably engaged partner companies.

Communication by Fashion


EU SFF transfuse Future Sustainability.

European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival as part of the EU Sustainable Future Festival, allows viewers to immerse themselves in an enchanted world of futuristic, sparkling, flamed, upcycling, recycling fashion.

Communication by Music


The message of sustainability is excellently conveyed to the general public by means of music.

Music awakens inner well-being, reason having music show acts at the EU SFF Events with world famous participants and visitors

Quality of Life ...Your Life - Our Lives

EUROPEAN UNION SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FESTIVAL Quality of Life - Joy of Life - Sustainable Future

We create the generation of Sustainability, Joy of Life and Beauty

We integrate sustainable fairness, quality of life, joie de vivre, beauty and cutting edge high quality design.

Hollywood Superstars Eric Roberts, Vincent De Paul, Bobby Emprechtinger, and Music Star Lumidee

We build our Future together

We focus on emotional values. EU SFF is not a mainstream event, but a special sustainable festival in that we enjoy sustainable life and quality of life; convey modern, funky, future-oriented with the sustainability of high quality designers and our partners.

We are challengers without challenge, but supportive and enlightening. 


EU SFF makes the Changes

Changes need Courage!

Have Courage with Us !

Sustainable - Conscious - Fair


Sustainability needs Inventions


To reach the global goals for a more sustainable planet we need more futuristic innovations, inventions and progress, and not activists demonstrations.



Contemporary Designers and Sustainable Designers together for a Sustainable Planet

From Agatha Ruiz de la Prada to Philip Colbert, to Footballer Michael Owen



Companies presenting their latest sustainable inventions and commitments to a broad public at EU SFF.

Authentic - Engaged - Futuristic

Active Networking


Future depends of visions and inventions

Active advertising through the platform of EU SFF gives partners the opportunity to reach important networks

THE DESIGNERS in the past

Natacha Marro (UK)


Philip Colbert (UK)


Torture Garden Latex (UK)


Erol Abayrak (TR)


KETU Fashion (D)


Mei-Hui Liu (UK)


THE DESIGNERS in the past

Stella Angel


UK Footballstar Michael Owen for Anifa

Michael Owen Collection for Anifa

Paolo Caranza


Anne-Sophie Cochevelou (F)



Decades of Experiences

Our Art Director, MeihuiLiu, is one of the leading ladies in upcycling fashion. Over decades she has become the Icon in sustainable fashion. She is one of the key persons of European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival.

The references of fashion, music and humanitarian events spanning the globe of our management team reach-out the most important fashion brands. 

The consulting of Fashion Weeks and career development of top models lead Chili Palmers Ltd. from Paris to Milan, London, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Cape Town to Asia and other major fashion centers, 

Chili Palmer’s involved on all 5 continents with the most important designers and fashion events as MERCEDES BENZ FASHIONWEEK, NOKIA FASHION WEEK, UKFW, and with Haute-Couturiers and Designers as follows:

Decades of Cooperations and Participations

  • Hermès
  • Christian Dior
  • Carven
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Diane von Furstenberg
  • Mercedes Benz Fashionweek
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Nokia Fashion Week
  • Agent Provocateur
  • Balmain
  • Missoni
  • D&G
  • Romeo Gigli
  • Torrente
  • Maurizio Galante
  • Eymeric Francois
  • JiHaye
  • DupréSantaBarbara
  • The Blondes
  • Heatherette
  • NafNaf
  • Gattinoni Rome
  • Trash-Couture
  • Jirina Vitjaz Moscow
  • Suzanna Peric
  • If 6 was 9
  • Munthe plus Simonsen
  • Yiannos Xenis
  • Lac et Mel
  • Renato Balestra Rome
  • L.G.B.
  • Mango
  • Madonna Collection
  • Alphadi
  • Valentino
  • Calvin Klein
  • Kasai
  • Swarovski
  • Patricia Fields
  • La Hong
  • Voziano
  • Triumph

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Mei-Hui Liu

Mei-Hui Liu

Mei-Hui Liu, EU SFF Creative Director

Jury Member – Curator – Sustainable Movement – Ethical Fashion Designer

Mei- Hui joined European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival Board as Creative Director, bringing her highly reputable expertise into EU SFF.

She is one of the fashion industry’s recognized up-cycling pioneers, with an impressive career as Ethical Fashion Designer spanning 20 years nurturing her ethical fashion brand Victim Fashion Street – collections presented during the very prestigious London Fashion Week. Her brand was one of the first featured at Estethica as well as at international known Ethical & Eco fashion event . 

As Jury Member for Sustainable Fashion Designs Competitions her creative knowledge in sustainability is demanded by the most trendy and high ranking competitions, including at the EcoChic Design Award in Asia. 


As Curator of European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival is she one of the key persons to arise more awareness about sustainability in the fashion industry and sustainability in general.

Rabih Rabea


Rabih Rabea, EU SFF  Managing Director


Marketing and Event Organization are his world. Expert in communication, presentations and event organization makes him a special value to the company. 

His skills make any advertising partner shining for a broad customer audience, and communicating the message about sustainability authentic.

He is Founder & Executive Director of Fashion Week Berlin. At his most stunning Fashion Shows in Berlin famous and internally renowed designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada,  12th marchioness of Castelldosríus, Grandee of Spain and the 29th baroness of Santa Pau, and other designers from the United  Kingdom, Austria and Germany. 

Further is Rabih-Rabea Hijazi Co-Founder of European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival, a unique communication for a more sustainable and social environment and nature.

His commitments and goal driven leadership enables the advertising partners to be light years ahead in concerns of marketing and public relations, this to reach target oriented audiences spanning the globe.

Welcome to EU SFF

Chili Palmers


Chili Palmers, EU SFF Chairman, Initiator and Co-Founder, is one of the most  creative Executives specialized in realizing visions, structuring, coaching and leading.

Formerly occupied the position as  Crisis Manager, and as Tutor of Executives in Finance and Industries Sectors among others  also at Wolfsberg (Wolfsberg Group consists of the following leading  international financial institutions: Banco Santander, Bank of America,.  Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse,  Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Société Générale,  Standard Chartered and UBS) and at IFI Institut für Forschungsinformationen  (Institute for Information Research).
For decades being Consultant for Projects as of US Secretary of State (USAID), UNDP, UNESCO and United Nations Organization.

Chili Palmers is awarded with the United Nations Organization UNV Award.

His Motto:
Success Is Never Granted.
Failure Never Fatal.
It is Courage That Counts 


Allan J. Rowley


Allan J. Rowley, MPhil BSc, FCA

EU SFF Director Finance & Special Liaison

Allan J. Rowley, our EU SFF Director Special Liaison, one of our key persons with professional experience as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operation Officer in Public Listed companies at New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchanges..

His brilliant career includes responsibilities at some of the finest auditing companies in USA and Europe, and his professional experiences are spanning the globe from Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and South America.

Specialized into IPOs, fundraising, companies growth and start-ups and turnarounds, audit, Merger & Acquisitions, commercial partnerships, stock exchange reporting, corporate governance, finance, investor relations, fundraising (VC, pre-ipo, IPO), legal, corporate governance, international tax in various sectors Allan J. Rowley has lead as Senior Manager.

Managing and supervising  board relations  and leading all aspects of board administration, communication, including board management and special missions with sponsor finance, investors, and EU SFF Finance.



European Union Sustainable Future Festival is delighted to present our Senators and Ambassadors

The exclusive EU SFF Goodwill Senator and Goodwill Ambassador Circle supports the aim for a more sustainable planet, together with the EU SFF Partners and Sponsors.

European Union Sustainable Future Festival combined with the Sustainable Fashion Festival honors the  social engagements of our Goodwill Senators and Goodwill Ambassador for their supporter of a sustainable future. 

We thank to our Goodwill Senators and our Goodwill Ambassadors.



JOIN AS PARTNER the exclusive circle

EU SFF Sponsors & Partners

Main Title Advertiser


GCOX Crypto Money Singapore, had been our main sponsor of the European  Union Sustainable Fashion Festival, official Fashion Week Berlin in the past

EU SFF provides best media platform, tailor made for our future partners.

EU SFF Sponsors


We thank our exclusive partners supporting the spirit of sustainability of the European Union Sustainable Future Festival, official Fashion Week Berlin, powered by GCOX !

And we are looking forward welcoming more sustainable committed companies becoming our advertising partners.

Media Partner


Our Media Partners received a deep insight into sustainability, the latest updates about the sustainable designers, the celebrities involved into sustainability and the transparency of sustainable companies.

EU SFF Goodwill Ambassadors


Being Goodwill Ambassadress or Ambassador is a key role to communicate the importance of sustainability for our planet. The best transfusion of sustainability is by FASHION, MUSIC, ART & TECHNOLOGY, all awaking emotions


Past Celebrities Support

Our managers produced and co-produced over decades multiples social and humanitarian in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa, supported by many celebrities from Art, Film, Music, Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, as well as per the media and press, published by journalists from all 5 continents.




International Celebrities supporting our humanitarian events in the past

Our Senior Managers and our Partners express great gratitude for the  social engagements of our celebrities and all other participants and  supporters at 


  • Sir Peter Ustinov
  • Tony Curtis
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Gitta Saxx, TV Host / DJane
  • Gavin Rajah, Unicef Ambassador
  • Supermax, Legend / Peace Award
  • Wu Tang Clan Members
  • Solo Dos, Latin Musicians
  • Coshiva, Music
  • New Sin , Music
  • Denisa Dvorakova, Supermodel
  • Lorraine Smith, US TV Host
  • Gunter Sachs, Legend
  • and many others 

UNITED NATIONS WORLD WATER DAY, organized by the managers of EU SFF

Amazing Support by

We thank furt for the support by  

  • Eric Anthony Roberts, famous brother of stunning iconic Julia Roberts, himself nominated multiple Golden Globe Award and Academy Award
  • Awarded Hollywood Producer Bobby Emprechtinger 
  • Emmy Awarded Vincent De Paul, Hollywood actor 
  • Jody Watley, Grammy Award 
  • Salif Keita, Grammy Award
  • Supermodel Dji Dieng, Award for Humanity, Leading Ladies Award 
  • Carole Bouquet, French Superstar 
  • Lumidee, Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and rapper
  • Lucenzo, a French-Portuguese singer and record producer
  • The Weather Girls
  • Soul Bros
  • DJ Bizi Brown



Various celebrities participating at our social and humanitarian events, had been bestowed by various awards; i.e. Award of Humanity, Leading Ladies Awards, Peace Awards, UNV Awards, UNESCO Distinctions, etc.


Files coming soon.


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The aim of EU SFF is to promote new and future sustainable technologies, raise awareness, promote and disseminate sustainability in general for all industrial and financial sectors, as well as to promote the natural livelihoods of humans, animals and plants, as well as the preservation of our planet and to protect the environment.

The European Sustainable Future Festival uses future technology presentations, actual and futuristic exhibitions, but also fashion spots and fashion events as well as music to convey the message of sustainability.

The purpose of the EU SFF is in particular to:

1. Promoting actual and future sustainability in all sectors, fairer working conditions, environmental protection;

2. the promotion of resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable economies;

3. the promotion of environmental education and extracurricular education;

4. promoting natural and environmentally sound processing;

5. promoting consumer protection;

EU SFF carries out its activities

1. public sustainability, environmental and nature conservation aspects, hold events for specific purposes and award awards.

2. through publications, symposia, events and exhibitions for sustainability in the various industries and finances,

3. Promoting awareness of sustainability,

4. educate consumers about the environmental and health impacts of sustainable products and financing and services;

5. Collecting donations,

6. cooperates with all circles of the population, institutions, associations, embassies, schools, universities and authorities on sustainability issues.

EU SFF is independent of party politics and represents the principle of ideological tolerance.

EU SFF is not profit-oriented. Profits are reinvested either in social / humanitarian events and/or in hand-picked humanitarian projects and in the development of sustainability.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all events under the name of EU SFF and the Event Organizer commissioned by EU SFF, including all side events held for EU SFF. Information about the organizer or, if applicable, another organizer or client, provides the invitation to the respective event or the corresponding profile pages in our website.

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